Newspaper article The Journal (Newcastle, England)

Lifestyle at Odds with No Fees Plea

Newspaper article The Journal (Newcastle, England)

Lifestyle at Odds with No Fees Plea

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The article about student life in Jesmond as featured in The Journal on Monday, November 3 describes a degree (apt word) of hedonistic lifestyle which many, though not all, students choose to adopt in all university cities.

This sits very much at odds with the plea for no-fee university education because of the debts this will bring.

Students are able to find a continuous supply of disposable income for cigarettes, copious amounts of alcohol and regular doses of nightlife entertainment which does not come cheap.

Not so long ago I gave up my job of some 13 years as a part-time lecturer at a northern university.

The main reason I did this was because too many students saw the above lifestyle as being far more important than their studies.

This was not true of all students and I readily accept the "all work and no play" philosophy, but year after year I saw the balance tipping much too far towards hedonism without responsibilities.

This often had a detrimental effect on students' attitudes to academic work and I found this demoralising.

For this reason I support those students who can afford it, having to pay towards their higher education fees.

Many can afford it as their life-style confirms and not making a contribution is not doing them any favours in terms of learning how to live on a budget and that everything has a cost.

The vast majority of us have to live on a budget, so why not students?

It's called the real world.


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