Newspaper article Evening Chronicle (Newcastle, England)

War Creates Devil's Place

Newspaper article Evening Chronicle (Newcastle, England)

War Creates Devil's Place

Article excerpt

War is a place of anger,

War is a place of hate,

War causes distress and worry

War causes death, but makes no money.

War creates an evil place,

War creates the devil's place,

War is a place of destruction,

War is a place of corruption.

War does not solve your problems,

War does not solve your pain,

War just causes suffering,

In every single way.

THOMAS MARKALL, aged 12 Gosforth, Newcastle upon Tyne.

A TEAR fell

And I gripped the morning through gaze

Never feeling the love I knew so rich

She was gone by far lands and hurt

And I questioned the grey clouds why

But I knew

I knew I couldn't hold her youth

Born of such beauty and urge

And I cried of my security and old ways

Time would have an answer to her awaited return

But knowing this didn't ease the pain and disillusion

Must my heart grieve

And will hers soon dance wild and free?

Compassion must master this day

And absent mindedness play its greater role

In the soul or reality of distress

Fly me to Paris, or take me to cabaret and fine sunny beaches

But I'll never know true joy, or feel the worth

While the child in her cries.

JAMES SPOORS, Morris Road, Whickham.

SOLACE, rest, limited activity

Under covers, long lie, tranquillity

Nice and slow, my sins, forgiveness I pray

Dinner with family, catch up on hearsay

All prepared, ready, recharged batteries

Yet when I think of tomorrow, I freeze.

JOHN NEAL, Thorntons Close, Pelton, Chester-le-Street.

I love autumn's beauty too -

Bonny leaves on every branch,

And as they flutter gently down

Scattering colour on the ground,

Every step through pretty litter

Is a satisfying crunching sound.

Don't worry about blocked up gutters

A helpful council spokesman utters

Never mind the buried lawns

And that you can't get out of your garage door

For soon the wind will kindly blow

And all the leaves will have to go.

Then what joy when the wind is up!

Leaves are swirling and joyfully dancing,

Delightfully mixing with cardboard boxes,

Plastic bags and chocolate wrappings

And then the strangest thing of all

They all settle at my garage door! …

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