Newspaper article Evening Chronicle (Newcastle, England)

Giving Up the Ghost

Newspaper article Evening Chronicle (Newcastle, England)

Giving Up the Ghost

Article excerpt

Byline: By Ray Marshall

Looking back to the 1960s the Evening Chronicle was full of ghost stories, haunted houses and strange goings-on.

But today you can scarcely find the odd report of an apparition or things that go bump in the night.

Could this be the result of the massive rebuilding programmes that have been going on the North East? Are ghosts becoming extinct? Are we wiping out their natural habitat? Should we be setting up a ghost protection programme? Or even forming an RSPCG (Royal Society for the Protection of Ghosts)?

Going through the old cuttings you find many of the ghosts were quite clever. They used to frequent clubs and pubs - obviously they fancied the odd pint.

In 1957 one barmaid left her job at the British Legion Club in Cramlington. She had been terrified by a ghost and vowed never to return.

The barmaid had gone into a backroom after closing time and came upon a grey-haired old woman sitting with her head in her hands.

She lifted her head as if she wanted to speak and then everyone heard this unearthly scream.

It was the barmaid running away.

In 1967 a tin-hatted phantom was spotted in Walbrook Terrace, Byker. Edna Shannon was sitting up late one night when she saw the apparition.

"He was standing in a corner of the room, waving his arms as if he was trying to say something."

The following weekend two friends of her husband, David, also saw the ghost. The two young children in the house had never seen anything but when Margaret Wilson, who lived underneath, heard of the incident, she remarked: "Oh yes, that'll be my father.

"I first saw him soon after he died when I was a young girl. He appeared at the foot of my bed. Since then, I have often seen and heard him round the house but he never frightens me. ."

A pub in South Shields was often visited by a white-haired regular. Drinkers at the Alexandria pub started to get worried when the Old Man of Simonside suddenly stopped appearing. …

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