Newspaper article Evening Chronicle (Newcastle, England)

Readers' Poem

Newspaper article Evening Chronicle (Newcastle, England)

Readers' Poem

Article excerpt

The coal house door

I got to thinking `bout the bygone years,

When I was a lass without any cares.

The old back yards and outside loos,

One cold tap and coal houses too!

Your turn to go out in the cold winter snow,

To fill your coal scuttle with the finest black coal.

Locking the door from next door's cat,

And making the stairs in two minutes flat.

Straight back to the fire to try and keep warm,

Nursing the cat! Didn't do us much harm.

The fender, the poker, matching tongs in a row,

All blending in with the warm fire glow.

Ginger Tom's prowling round the old back yard walls,

Meowing so loud, 'til the crack of dawn.

Your Dansette Player, records stacked high.

Dancing to Cliff and doing the jive.

Those days were so magic because of our youth.

So much to find out, and learn how to do.

Those homely old houses I remember so well.

Down Gluehouse Lane full of memories to tell!

S DRISCOLL, Benwell,


LORD above please hear my plea

For we are afraid and lost at sea

Guide my judgement, keep me right

Steer us safely through the night.

Our provisions have gone, the water is low

And where we are heading, I do not know

I must save my men, I must not fail

Please send the wind to set the sail.

The sun beats down, my men are weak

Some of my crew can hardly speak

We are damaged aft and fore

Out-gunned by a Spanish man-o-war.

Shall we live or shall we die?

All I hear is a seagull's lonely cry

Oh Heavenly Father with your love divine

Please hear my plea and send a sign.

A black cloud scuds across the skies

Pressing rain, I cannot believe my eyes

Father you have heard my humble plea

I kneel and give my thanks to Thee.

And then a cry, we've sighted land

Although so weak the crew all stand

Mine eyes are full, I cannot see

For tears of love are blinding me. …

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