Newspaper article Evening Chronicle (Newcastle, England)

Stamp out These PO Closure Plans

Newspaper article Evening Chronicle (Newcastle, England)

Stamp out These PO Closure Plans

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Regarding the closure of Post Offices, which will cause hardship to hundreds of thousands of people, particularly the old and infirm.

As usual this Government stands to one side like zombies.

They do the same thing with most problems caused by the greed of big business eg, banks, trains and other firms switching calls to India.

In the case of the former would it not be simpler to increase the price of a stamp to 30p and forbid them from closing branches? I'm sure we would all agree.

With the latter, I say change banks and don't use any of the other services for even a day, this would bring them all to heel at a stroke.

ALAN PAIGE, Gosforth, Newcastle.

A bodyblow for villagers

AGAIN Margaret Wright has stepped in to highlight the lack and ever decreasing services available to New York residents.

The closing of our Post Office will have many side effects in an area of many OAPs and young families. It will mean that local businesses like the chemist, who fought to provide a needed service, will lose custom. The local mini-mart could close due to falling sales.

Jobs will be lost.

Whoever completed the area survey must have surveyed the wrong area.

I live in Murton Village and use New York to get there. I have a choice, catch the one and only bus at 10.30am, returning sometime on the one bus back.

There are two roads to New York, both unlit, and with open ditches each side, no pavements.

To get to a bank - two buses.

I am willing, as an ex-postman, to walk the area with the person who did the survey.

J BARBER, Sherwood, Murton Village.

Soccer stars taught lesson

REGARDING two letters published on December 26.

The first was on the deaths of two old people due to having no gas to heat their home. If we wait a while we will find one or two of the top men controlling British Gas are to be rewarded with an obscene golden handshake, maybe on their retirement or possibly for boosting the profits. This couple had their gas cut off for non-payment of a pounds 140 bill.

The second letter refers to Manchester United footballer Rio Ferdinand. …

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