Newspaper article The Florida Times Union

Bob Reynolds Plays Jazz and So Much More; No Matter the Music, Saxophone at Center

Newspaper article The Florida Times Union

Bob Reynolds Plays Jazz and So Much More; No Matter the Music, Saxophone at Center

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Byline: EYDER PERALTA, The Times-Union

Bob Reynolds stopped mid story to clarify: "This is before I went to Douglas Anderson. This is before I got into any quote, unquote, jazz."

He was sitting in the San Marco Starbucks, and this was to be a confession of sorts, like admitting that Justin Timberlake makes you want to dance or that you watch The O.C. religiously: Bob Reynolds was inspired by a Kenny G show at the Florida Theatre.

"He had huge vibe going on. You can say what you want about him [but] his radio stuff and his live stuff are two different things. And at that time, his sound was something that was acceptable to a lot of people."

Reynolds doesn't claim to be a big Kenny G fan today, but there was a time when the king of smooth jazz inspired him.

"Now, it's not somebody I really listen to. But I'm never gonna deny that I once was really into it, because that was a really important time for me.

"What got to me was in this concert, he disappears, and he comes out in the balcony and he's playing. It was the most amazing thing I'd ever seen. I had never been to like a rock concert or anything. So he walks by where I'm standing, and he's gonna leave.

"Now, I'm wearing this T-shirt under a jeans jacket that had a picture of a saxophone on it that I got from the school where I took lessons. All the people in audience had these like Kenny G shirts on. But I had a T-shirt that was just like a saxophone or something, and I was [sitting] way up . . . and he stops and he looks up in my direction and walks back. And he walks up all the stairs, and he comes up right in front of me and he had his tenor [saxophone] and he played in front of my face for what felt like five minutes. I saw that and I was like, 'I wanna do this for a living.' "

As a kid, Reynolds took lessons with Bunky Green, a well respected saxophonist and director of the jazz program at UNF. Then he moved to Boston to go to the Berklee School of Music and now makes his living in New York.

In his most recent release, Live at the Jazz Corner, Reynolds plays some standards (Autumn in New York, You Don't Know What Love Is) as well as some of his own compositions, which are really quite good. Sudden Inspiration is a jaunty piece with a bedding of traditional syncopating bass and piano and a simple melody that Reynolds plays with amazing clarity.

This year, and for the second time in a row, Reynolds was awarded the ASCAP Foundation's Young Jazz Composer Award. …

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