Newspaper article The Florida Times Union

Zook-Foley Friendship Has Its Limits

Newspaper article The Florida Times Union

Zook-Foley Friendship Has Its Limits

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Byline: Gene Frenette, Times-Union sports writer

After Ron Zook turned down a contract extension last year because he felt an 8-5 record didn't warrant such a reward, he saw things differently this time. Had Zook not signed a two-year extension, he would have just made recruiting in the coming weeks that much harder.

Florida signing him through the 2008 season changes nothing about the improvement that the Gators must show next year for Zook to assure keeping his job. Just as Zook's friendship with secondary coach/special teams coordinator Mike Woodford wasn't enough to retain him in 2004, expect athletic director Jeremy Foley to apply the same standards to Zook, a longtime friend.

The extension was offered in anticipation of Zook taking the UF program to championship heights. If that doesn't happen, Zook will be gone regardless of how many years are added to his contract. . . .

Incidentally, no need for Zook to feel bad about being the third choice for the Florida job. After all, didn't 18 coaches turn down the Nebraska job before Bill Callahan accepted it? . . . The BCS does not release standings after the bowl season, so we can only assume that Oklahoma finished No. 1. . . . Former Florida State quarterback Adrian McPherson has signed with the Indiana Firebirds of the Arena League. If you're going to curtail a gambling habit, better to play in a league where nobody cares enough to bet on the product. Ever hear of an Arena Fantasy League? . . .

Speaking of betting, watching Pete Rose's interview on PrimeTime, it's obvious that the only thing the king of hustle regrets is getting caught. I almost expected him to tell ABC's Charles Gibson: "I did not have sex with that woman, Ms. Lewinsky." . . . When told by Times-Union sports writer Vito Stellino that the media was not allowed outside a designated box at Tom Coughlin's practices with the Jaguars, a New York columnist said the New York Giants' coach "won't be able to get away with that in New York. …

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