Newspaper article Evening Chronicle (Newcastle, England)

Poets' Corner

Newspaper article Evening Chronicle (Newcastle, England)

Poets' Corner

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The state of this country

Is a crying shame

But where do I start

Who do I blame?

The criminals are winning

Of that there is no doubt

But if you wish just to complain

No chance! You have no clout

The stupid do-good whingers

Should hold their heads in shame

The discipline in schools has gone

And they must take the blame

They stopped the use

Of taws and cane

Gave school hooligans

A licence to reign

The culture of greed

There's a real vote-catcher

Must be put at the door

Of the evil one! Thatcher

You mustn't call them villains

Even if you're right

As Europe has decided

It's against their civil right

Can we save this once proud land

Going from bad to worse?

Yes, tell the bleeding hearts to go

They're only a flaming curse

And if it was ever

Left to me

I'd bring back hanging

As most will agree

The teachers would have the right to scold

And the pupils rights would be put on hold

The police allowed to cuff the ears

Of hooligans, vandals and their peers

The gaols to do their job their way

With prison reformers having no say

The judges to start and get it right

Without being afraid and taking fright

There it seems I've said my bit

To many I defend my right to what I've said

Respect and discipline in this land is dead.

BOB WILSON, Satley Gardens, Gateshead.


ONE look said you've been drinking

As she opened up the door

But only pop I'm thinking

As I slid down to the floor.

But I've come straight from the office

We had a sort of party

With only ginger wine and pop

And cakes all creamy clarty.

Why was I on that table top

And just what is a plonky

But why were they applauding

What did they mean Full Monty?

I didn't force that girl at all

To kiss me she was willing

I thought that I was being kind

When I offered her a shilling. …

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