Shake Up for Corn Flakes Packet; FIRST MAKEOVER IN 98-YEAR HISTORY

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KELLOGG'S Corn Flakes are to get their first major makeover in almost a century in a bid to halt sliding sales.

The cereals company has spent [pounds sterling]8 million redesigning its familiar box, giving it a pointed top. It is the first significant change to the packaging since Corn Flakes were launched in 1906, and comes a year after Weetabix stole the title of Britain's most popular cereal.

Kellogg's says the new design, called the K-Lock seal system, will make it easier to reseal the box after it is opened. It claims flakes will stay crispier for longer.

But the new shape will pose a problem for supermarkets because it will not be as easy to stack on shelves. Customers will get a detailed list of instructions on how to retain the carton's pointy shape once it has been opened.

The company was reported to have allocated a multimillion-pound budget to publicise the new packet in media advertising and in-store promotions.

The radical move is the second packaging innovation from Kellogg's in the By Jonathan Prynn Consumer Affairs Editor past 10 months. …