Newspaper article The Evening Standard (London, England)

A Match between Muse and Master

Newspaper article The Evening Standard (London, England)

A Match between Muse and Master

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A match between muse and master

THERE is barely a celebrity on the planet who would refuse an invitation to sit front row at a Paris couture show.

For who could resist the glamorous associations, the acres of free publicity and the mountains of free clothes that are bestowed as a "thank-you" present?

With the world at their disposal (well, except for Prince William), designers need to choose their front-row face with care. Nobody wants to be like Giorgio Armani, who once invited Whitney Houston and Bobby Brown to his show only to watch them play what looked like an imaginary piano. No: a designer needs someone who will enhance both themselves and the image of the house. Step forward the fashion muse.

This season, designers and their muses were in perfect harmony. After ditching the wholly inappropriate Jack Nicholson, this time around John Galliano had Sarah Jessica Parker front row at Dior - a woman who changes her look just as often as he does. Both are chameleons who make the best of what God gave them, and both command great respect for their excellent taste - most of the time.

Karl 'n' Kylie are another excellent pair: no wonder he wanted her exclusively at Chanel. Both are veterans in their field: the pop princess has been around almost as long as Lagerfeld has, and is an expert at reinventing herself just as Lagerfeld is at Chanel. No doubt they bonded over one topic in particular - the care and maintenance of those ultra-slim bodies, both of which are the subject of much public scrutiny.

Someone launch the diet book, quick: Kylie 'n' Karl could definitely topple Atkins off his throne.

That is, if he wasn't dead already.

But the ultimate fashion pairing simply has to be Donatella and Christina, the lipgloss and Lycra queens. This pair could swap wardrobes without anyone noticing, and now that Donatella has got herself a brandnew body - well, whadyaknow - they are even the same dress size. Christina's new black hairdo is fooling nobody: the two were quite clearly separated at birth, and fashion's fairy godmother has reunited them. …

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