Newspaper article The Journal (Newcastle, England)

Readers Put Step-O-Meters to the Test - with Amazing Results

Newspaper article The Journal (Newcastle, England)

Readers Put Step-O-Meters to the Test - with Amazing Results

Article excerpt

The Journal took a step forward and asked some readers to walk into the New Year with a step-o-meter.

Our volunteers - a shop-assistant, a chief executive, a PE teacher and a young call centre employee tried out the machine to find out their average mileage in a week.

Victoria Oversby, an 18-year old call centre employee from Wardley, Gateshead, said she didn't do any exercise.

"I should probably do a bit more of outside activities," she said.

Victoria claimed she used her car to get anywhere.

She said: "Before trying out the step-o-meter, I would even drive to the shop around the corner."

But when using the pedometer she found it hard not to be inspired to do more walking.

"It definitely encouraged me to walk more. I started taking my dog out a lot more."

Victoria found that she was walking an average of 5.6 miles a day.

She said: "I didn't think I would walk more than two miles a day, so when I saw the result of my first day I thought it was far too much."

"The step-o-meter has encouraged me to walk a lot more and my dog Peppy is very happy about it".

Irene Fenwick, 57, a part-time shop assistant from South Shields, said she liked walking and she found using the step-o-meter very easy.

She said: "I enjoy walking and I do a lot of it in my spare-time. I just clipped the machine on to my skirt and I then did my general day-to-day walking." Irene said that she thought of herself as being quite health aware.

She said: "I would never dream of taking the car when just going down town shopping."

The pedometer showed that just doing an ordinary day at the paper shop where she works could add up to at least two miles.

But even though Irene knew she did a lot of walking and had a very positive attitude towards it, the step-o-meters result still surprised her.

In a week, the shop assistant walked an average of 6. …

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