Newspaper article The Florida Times Union

City Officials to Run for Each Other's Seat

Newspaper article The Florida Times Union

City Officials to Run for Each Other's Seat

Article excerpt

Byline: Anne Sponholtz, County Line correspondent

Although two people who are on the Keystone Heights City Council will be running for office, no incumbents are in the race. That is because Mayor Archie Green, who has reached the term limits as mayor, is running for a seat held by Vice Mayor Ginger Johns. Johns decided to run for the mayor's seat.

Lyndel Hale, who lost after running in the last city election, will face Johns for the mayor's seat. Bruce Harvin, a newcomer to city politics, will join Green on the ballot vying for Seat 2 being vacated by Johns.

A referendum will also be on the ballot, which addresses the city's bidding process. The council hopes that voters will give it the authority to set the bid limits through ordinance, rather than adding the item to the city's charter.

The City Council is also in the process of doing more spring cleaning to its charter. The document was voted on in December 1990, which revised and amended a 1963 charter. Since then, several amendments to the charter have been passed.

Now the council is taking a look at the laws that govern its elections. In 2000, a proposal went before the voters asking whether they wanted the city's general elections -- where the council and/or mayor are elected -- to be changed from December to March. The voters overwhelmingly favored the move, as did the city council.

However, when the supporting documents were drawn up, they addressed just one section of the election laws and failed to address the qualifying dates or the date elected officials would be installed. …

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