Historical Society Hopes Buyer for Billard House Can Be Found

Article excerpt

Byline: Dan Scanlan, Staff writer

Members of Mandarin's historical society are asking the Mandarin Community Club to sell a 114-year-old wooden home it owns at 11643 Brady Road to someone who can renovate it. The community club has decided to demolish the house because of a lack of funds to restore it properly.

Now it's up to the community club to decide at its meeting Monday night if the Mandarin Museum and Historical Society's wish is their command to find a buyer for a home with peeling paint, broken windows and missing walls on a smaller-than-1-acre lot.

The community club's board reluctantly decided a month ago to get rid of the home behind its 132-year-old clubhouse on Mandarin Road and the 93-year-old Walter Jones General Store and Post Office Museum it owns around the corner on Brady Road.

Historical Society President Beth Meyer, whose family purchased and restored the 115-year-old J.H. Jacks farmhouse on Mandarin Road seven years ago, said at least one buyer is willing to purchase the Billard House and its property and preserve its heritage. So the society voted at its meeting Monday to ask the community club to consider selling the house and property.

"In order to restore the house, someone has to have ownership," she said. "We can't find someone to dump $200,000 in the property with no claim. There are people who are interested, but the club will have to put it on the market for that to happen. …


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