'Core City' Name on the Chopping Block; 'Old Atlantic Beach' Could Replace It

Article excerpt

Byline: Christopher F. Aguilar, Shorelines staff writer

Atlantic Beach's historic district, commonly known as the core city, could be renamed Old Atlantic Beach if the City Commission goes ahead with the proposal this month.

"Core city is a term used for rundown parts of big cities," said Commissioner Sylvia Simmons. "It fit [the neighborhood] aptly a few years ago before we did stormwater, sewer, water and sidewalk improvements, but it doesn't fit anymore."

Since the city was platted in the early 1900s, the neighborhood bordered by 12th Street on the north, Ahern Street on the south, East Coast Drive on the east and Sherry Drive and Seminole Road on the west has been called subdivision A on property and plat maps. Many residents and real estate agents refer to the area as old Atlantic Beach because of its history and charm. But the city referred to the neighborhood as the core city partly because it was the name of the city's drainage, water and sewer line improvement project in the area that concluded last year.

"Core city is not a warm and cozy name," said Community Development Director Sonya Doerr.

The commission will consider the name change at its Feb. 23 meeting, when residents are encouraged to voice their opinions about the possible name for the neighborhood. The commissioners will then vote on the name change during the meeting.

If approved, the city will refer to the neighborhood as Old Atlantic Beach in its documents and in its Comprehensive Land Use Plan. …


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