Newspaper article The Florida Times Union

Stay True to Your New Low-Carb Life

Newspaper article The Florida Times Union

Stay True to Your New Low-Carb Life

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Byline: Dan Macdonald, Times-Union correspondent

So, how's that diet going?

Still loving all the steak, bacon and eggs that are allowed on the Atkins plan?

It has been two months for you New Year's resolution dieters who swore off carbs Jan. 1. If you are still on the diet and it is working for you, congrats (just try to mix in some green stuff now and then).

By this time, the dramatic weight loss has flattened out. You look great, and now it is pretty much safe to go buy those new pants with the smaller waist size. With the scales reading the same every morning, it is very tempting to get off the Atkins plan. Be warned that this is an eating lifestyle. To maintain this new look, you'll need to stay on the diet. That was the deal you made with the devil when you went on the diet.

Here's a little tip for married couples who went on the plan together: Husbands, try not to gloat. The low-carb diets work best with men because we carry most of our excess weight around our middles while women have it on their thighs, hips and bottoms. The low-carb plans mostly go after that extra weight around the waistline.

For those looking for some help, Mitzi Dulan, a dietitian and low-carb expert who is hitting many of the talk shows, sent me a press release with suggestions on how to stay on your low-carb eating plan. I thought I'd pass the ideas along to you.

But before I do, I want to give you an example why you can't always trust that spell-checker on your computer. The PR rep wrote "We are talking about ten easy steps to counting cards . . ."

Some of these tips are already part of most low-carb plans. So I'll shuffle Dulan's deck and deal the best tips in the list.

-- Try to eat a snack every four or five hours to maintain energy levels. When I was low-carbing, I ate a lot of beef jerky and mixed nuts to get me through the day. …

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