Newspaper article The Evening Standard (London, England)

The Top Ten. Naughty Heiresses; URBAN FOX

Newspaper article The Evening Standard (London, England)

The Top Ten. Naughty Heiresses; URBAN FOX

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It must be really boring being born into a world of money and privilege - why else would these women behave so badly? Clearly, the meek don't inherit the earth: the naughty do-

After receiving community service for sustained harassment against her neighbours, Lady Julia Pilkington, 39, turned up to clear a forest in miniskirt and flip-flops.

She refused to work in a charity shop and has been jailed for breach of sentence. The Pilkington glass family is worth [pounds sterling]200 million but Julia bought her title and she certainly doesn't behave like a lady.

Wildest of the Beverly Hills brat pack is Kimberley Stewart, 22, daughter of Rod who's worth a cool [pounds sterling]100 million. Her litany of bad behaviour includes a spell in AA after crashing her car at 16: luckily she was saved by the airbag.

Clearly she took this to heart: she recently gave fellow brat Jack Osbourne her old breast implants as she was upgrading hers.

Athina Roussel, 19, got her hands on her [pounds sterling]600-million fortune last year.

After years of behaving discreetly, she is now splurging her money on Brazilian showjumper, Doda Miranda. He's tall, dark, good-looking, 12 years her senior, poor - and married.

She's bought him a prize cow and has had liposuction for him.

Beware of Greeks bearing gifts.

Daughter of the late Robert Maxwell, Ghislaine Maxwell, 42, is notorious on both sides of the Atlantic. She invited the Duke of York to a 'hookers and pimps' party in New York, 'fixes' for the naughtiest boy in school, Bill Clinton, and reportedly hosts 'whipping parties'. Robert's millions disappeared, but Ghislaine still lives an heiress lifestyle.

Faintly talented and loudmouthed Kelly Osbourne, 18, is a junior rebel. She 'hates Christmas' and refuses to tidy her room. The only thing she really seems to enjoy is swearing. At the recent NME Awards she started a fight with a rival punk act. The Princess of Darkness can get away with turning the air blue - she is the heir to [pounds sterling]15 million. …

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