Armed Security for India's History Men

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INDIA'S cricketers were greeted by guns and guards today as they began their first full tour of Pakistan for nearly 15 years.

Sourav Ganguly's team will be surrounded by a presidential level of security for the historic tour over the next 35 days, which takes in five one-day internationals and three Tests.

The 16 players and half a dozen officials arrived at Allama Iqbal airport on a private flight from New Delhi yesterday to be greeted not only by officials of the Pakistan Cricket Board but a security screen at least four layers thick.

India's visit is seen as a potent symbol of warming relations between the two nuclear-armed rivals divided by religion and border disputes.

Delhi and Islamabad will hold talks later this year on their longrunning dispute over Kashmir.

The long-awaited tour has provoked a huge amount of excitement and anticipation in both countries. "The tour transcends sports, it is much more than cricket, it is passion," said former Pakistan captain-turned politician Imran Khan.

Thousands of Indians have bought tickets over the internet to watch the matches and travel to Pakistan, most of whom are visiting for the first time. …