Newspaper article Evening Gazette (Middlesbrough, England)

Tips for the Big Question

Newspaper article Evening Gazette (Middlesbrough, England)

Tips for the Big Question

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It's a Leap Year - the time when the normal proposal order is reversed and women can go down on bended knee and pop the question.

According to a new AOL survey of over 7,000 people, 16pc of women are planning to propose this Leap Year - which will horrify the 16pc of men surveyed who didn't want to marry.

Of course, women no longer need to seize their four-yearly chance any more - 59pc of women and 48pc of men surveyed thought women who propose are modern and confident, rather than scary or intimidating.

So what are the dos to successfully proposition your man - and, more importantly, what are the don'ts.


* DO choose your moment with care.

If your partner has had a stressful week or is worried about something, take him away from the situation - perhaps a romantic break away. City dwellers should head to the country, and vice versa. But if he's had a bad week at work, don't turn up at his office with a red rose between your lips and a card bearing the word "Marry Me".

* DO resolve any disagreements between you.

Ensure all niggles and grievances are well out of the way before you pop the question. Don't find yourself arguing on the way to the restaurant/airport/hotel about the outstanding gas bill which HE promised to pay. Reminding him of the daily grind is not a good way to begin your nuptials - he needs to want to spend the rest of his life with you.

* DO plan ahead.

This is not the time to be spontaneous. If you are planning to ensnare him in a restaurant, make sure the manager or waiter knows what you are doing - this avoids being hit with the dessert menu at the wrong moment. If you are proposing at home, make sure the phone is off the hook and the children, if you have any, are tucked up in bed.

* DO assess his character before acting.

Is he an extrovert who likes to be the centre of the party or the shy type who would prefer an intimate moment with just the two of you? Surprising the bashful type with a Tannoy message in the middle of a crowd, may result in him doing a runner. Similarly underplaying the event for an extrovert boyfriend, might make him think you don't care enough.

* DON'T appear desperate.

Icing the words "marry me or else" on a cake is tantamount to proposal-suicide. Instead appear nonchalant in the days leading up to February 29 whenever the subject of marriage is mentioned. There is no bigger turn-off than appearing to be more in love with wedlock than with him.

* DON'T propose in bed.

Although this may appear to be romantic, your proposal story is a moment you will cherish and share with your family, friends - and children, in years to come. Better to make it an occasion you can share with others without the blushes.

* DON'T tell his mates. …

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