Newspaper article The Evening Standard (London, England)


Newspaper article The Evening Standard (London, England)


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Tenchu: Return From Darkness X-Box ..

Though based on the PS2 game of last year (and the latest in an excellent series), this is more than a straight transition from one console to another.

This feels like the director's cut. This was one of the original stealth games, in which you play either a burly bloke or a lithesome female, who must stalk around various mission arenas in order to complete your goal. You have an assortment of items - such as throwing daggers - in order to assist, but your real weapon is stealth and surprise. The more stealth kills you notch up, the more bonus moves become available to you.

Though the graphics are good, especially on the new, X-Box only levels, the camera is still problematic. Just when you need to know what's around the corner, the camera seem more interested in staring up your character's nostrils. And your enemies' AI is still a tad on the robotic side - until they spot you, they do exactly the same moves ad infinitum. But what really separates this from the PS2 version is the online capability. There are straightforward versus games or the more interesting coop missions. But even without this and ignoring the wonky aspects of the game, Tenchu is still fairly essential for your X-Box collection.

* KYA: DARK LINEAGE PlayStation 2 This game attempts - and will surely fail - to tempt young girls to the controller.

It features a feisty young maiden lost in a strange world populated by characters resembling possessed wolves. It takes its cue from other freeranging platform games like Zelda - there are fetch and solve puzzles aplenty - but rather than allowing the gamer to explore the worlds, neon signposts point the way and, for the particularly hard of thinking, a map page details where Kya has to go next. Graphically, there is little depth or texture and the whole thing feels thinly familiar. SC


PlayStation 2, X-Box Here's a game that will bore hardcore gamers to death, but may just be one of the better games released for kids. Based on the new film, rather than the Dr Seuss book, this has the voice of Mike Meyer as The Cat, who has to go through plenty of wacky, luridly coloured levels to catch bad guy Alec Baldwin. …

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