Newspaper article The Evening Standard (London, England)

How It Works for You, Whatever Your Income; Budget 2004

Newspaper article The Evening Standard (London, England)

How It Works for You, Whatever Your Income; Budget 2004

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The family

Name: Ramin Bari, 35, his wife Martine, 30, and 15-month-old daughter Mia.

They live in a [pounds sterling]700,000 three-storey house in Chelsea Occupations: Ramin is a banker in the City and Martine is a PR executive Income: Combined salaries of [pounds sterling]110,000 a year

Outgoings: Monthly payments of [pounds sterling]2,500 on mortgage, [pounds sterling]250 on pension contributions, [pounds sterling]150 on council tax, [pounds sterling]200 on insurance, [pounds sterling]800 on groceries, [pounds sterling]400 on socialising, [pounds sterling]1,200 on childcare and other bills, [pounds sterling]700 on running two cars National Insurance: [pounds sterling]520 a month (combined)

What it means to us ...

Martine and Ramin own two cars - a Porsche Carrera 944 and a Mercedes ML jeep - and believe tax on their unleaded petrol should have been reduced rather than frozen. Martine points to the increased costs of motoring with the congestion charge and argues that since parents with young children cannot avoid using their cars, they should not be penalised by high fuel prices.

'The state of schools in the country is outrageous. They need much more funding'

The executive

Name: Sabire Djamjoz

Occupation: director of beauty

products company Epil Ya

Income: [pounds sterling]80,000 a year

Outgoings: Monthly payments of

[pounds sterling]323 on mortgage, [pounds sterling]212 on council

tax, [pounds sterling]170 on insurance, [pounds sterling]400 on

groceries, [pounds sterling]600 on going out, [pounds sterling]150

on utility bills and [pounds sterling]75 on car. Also

puts [pounds sterling]200 into her pension and [pounds sterling]50

into savings every month

NI: [pounds sterling]30 a month (self employed)

What it means to me ...

Sabire thought much of the Budget

was positive and would help firms and

encourage enterprise. However, she

was disappointed with new rules for

accountants to register tax avoidance

schemes, although she supports a

clampdown on illegal tax evasion. She

opposed the invasion of Iraq and does

not agree with huge increases in

funding for the defence budget and

the war on terror at home.

"I would rather see the money

which pays for war going on

health or education"


The single earner

Name: Darren

Strachan, 28


IT consultant

Income: [pounds sterling]40,000

a year

Outgoings: Monthly

payments of [pounds sterling]590 on

rent, [pounds sterling]110 on council

tax, [pounds sterling]100 on utility

bills, [pounds sterling]100 on food

and [pounds sterling]350 on going

out. Also spends

[pounds sterling]1,500 a year on

skiing holidays and

trips to Scotland

NI: [pounds sterling]250 a month

What it means to me ...

He welcomes the plans to address the housing

shortage in the South-East but worries many of

the homes will be poor-quality orabbit holeso

and that planners will bulldoze large areas of

green belt around London. He disagrees with

the rise in cigarette duty, but welcomes the

freeze in airport tax to keep down holiday bills.

"I"m glad he"s getting

rid of thousands

of civil servants"

The family

Name: Drew Martin, 36, wife

Lucienne, 29, and 16-month-old

daughter Verity. They live in a

[pounds sterling]300,000 three-bedroom home in


Occupation: Drew is a sales manager,

Lucienne is a marketing executive

Income: combined salaries of

[pounds sterling]75,000 a year

Outgoings: monthly payments of

[pounds sterling]900 on mortgage and insurance for

their main home, [pounds sterling]50 on bills for

second home in Norfolk, [pounds sterling]300 on

food, [pounds sterling]100 on utility bills, [pounds sterling]500 on going

out and [pounds sterling]600 on child care. …

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