Newspaper article Evening Chronicle (Newcastle, England)

Poets' Corner

Newspaper article Evening Chronicle (Newcastle, England)

Poets' Corner

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Happiness in the new day

The burn is black, the sea is blue

Happiness is being with you.

The nights get lighter by the day,

The birds no longer fly away.

We sit upon the grassy dew

Waiting for morning light anew.

The day doth dawn from the eastern way.

The birds start singing and it is not May.

There was a princess born on that first day.

Her thoughts for others and kindness shown.

Replaced spring beauty we have known

For every minute of every day.

Her kindness does not go away.

Giving happiness in the new day.

JOHN SHIRLEY, Throckley.

What's happened?

WHAT'S happened to this world of ours

Where has it all gone wrong?

Why is there all this hate and war,

Why can't people get along?

The fighting and the bombing,

The hatred and the pain,

When will people see the light,

And live in peace again?

I'm frightened for the future,

And where it all will end,

If they don't stop this hatred

And change from enemy to friend.

I'm frightened for our children,

If we don't learn to care,

If we don't learn to love again

And this world of ours to share.

So come on everybody,

Let's each one do our share,

To make the whole world safe again,

Filled with love, and filled with care.


Aa need a wife

A MATE a knaa from doon the road

Was aaful lonely and getting bored

Nivva married he'd looked aroond

But nee future missus could be foond

So he put an ad in the local rag

Aa' want a wife ... even one that nags

She can be thin or even fat

Aa'm lookin for companionship ind that

Replies? He had three hundred ind forty nine

Ind ninety five percent said `yi kin hev mine'!

GEORGE CARRICK, Eastfield Green, Cramlington.

Surfers Paradise

I STOOD upon a dim lit wharf

Great peace within my heart

My troubles did not touch me

They were a think apart

Such peace and such tranquillity

Wrapped around me as a cloak

They touched my heart

Touch my mind

In them my soul did soak

Then came forth a blustery wind

The heavens opened wide

The rain poured down

The storm had risen

I seemed to turn the tide

I stood there still upon that wharf

Those moments were not lost

For a space of time

Such peace was mine

I had not to count the cost

ANNA MARY LISLE, Tynemouth. …

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