Newspaper article The Evening Standard (London, England)

Posh and Becks Deserve Each Other

Newspaper article The Evening Standard (London, England)

Posh and Becks Deserve Each Other

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AS betrayals go, an alleged affair with a Spanish model while your wife is pregnant with your second child takes some beating. Two further alleged affairs - since denied by David Beckham - in less than four years of marriage would make flogging the perfect family Brand Beckham a rather difficult act to sustain.

The weekend's new charges from two self-proclaimed mistresses, Rebecca Loos and Sarah Marbeck, portray a man who should be as famous for his brass neck as his golden balls.

If true, they show that despite the brilliant PR job he and his wife have done on themselves, not much has changed from the spoilt brat who petulantly lashed out at an Argentine player in the 1998 World Cup and kicked England's chances into touch.

So, what is the real David Beckham like? According to the women involved, he has sex with them within hours of meeting, runs down his wife to whoever he happens to be in bed with, calling her a stick insect and tells women he hardly knows that he loves them - and he is so modest he boasts that after sex with him, they will never want another man.

After the way he is supposed to have treated them, he is probably right.

What kind of a man would get his security guard to deliver women to his hotel room and make him buy the condoms along the way? If even half of what these women claim is true, Becks is still not even half the man I thought he was. And Victoria says it's all lies. Her line seems to be: "It's them cows' word against my David's and I know who I'd trust."

Well, we can give him the benefit of the doubt over one mistress, but two?

The fact that both women were paid for their stories reduces their credibility not one jot.

The Beckhams have issued a statement saying the claims by the two women are "absurd and unsubstantiated". …

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