EDUCATION; History Altered

Article excerpt

In regard to their education in the important subject of history, the plight of children in public schools may be even worse than previously thought.

The Fordham Foundation previously examined materials used to teach history and found some sadly wanting. It now has looked at material used to supplement the training of history teachers.

A sad fact is that many public school history teachers did not major in that subject while in college. Therefore, some use supplementary materials from supposed experts. Fordham found some of the most popular of those materials merely are propaganda.

"The source of the problem with many of the supplemental resources used for history or social studies is the ideological mission of the organizations that create them.

"Their ostensible goal is to combat intolerance, expand students' knowledge of other cultures, give them other 'points of view' on commonly studied historical phenomena, and/or promote 'critical thinking.' But their real goal ... is to influence how children come to understand and think about current social and political issues by bending historical content to those ends. …


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