Newspaper article The Evening Standard (London, England)


Newspaper article The Evening Standard (London, England)


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Sing Star PlayStation 2 ...

Karaoke isn't pretty. All karaokegoers fall into one of two camps - the wannabe pro, hogging the mic and tragically word-perfect, or the drunken buffoon, slurring the few lyrics they remember to 'I Will Survive'. It's irresistible. Sing Star does everyone a favour, then, by taking karaoke out of the public arena and placing it securely in the safety of your own room.

It will also reveal conclusively - scientifically, even - whether you're a singer or an earache. This singing competition comes with two pleasingly weighty microphones and a CD which contains everything the karaoke star could wish for, from Pink to Motorhead, George Michael to S Club 7 (there's Dido, too, for those playing post dinner party). As you warble into the mic - with the TV screen showing both the song's lyrics and original video - it will analyse how good your pitch is, how well you can hold a note and how stupid you were to try to sing along to the Darkness. Most humiliatingly of all, you can replay your toneless efforts. Play in teams, or stand alone and make a fool of yourself. So simple. So brilliant. SALLY CHATTERTON * UEFA EURO 2004 PORTUGAL .

PlayStation 2, X-Box The big question that needs answering in relation to this footie game is, why buy this when you already own FIFA 2004? It's a question that's difficult to answer, because there are too few reasons why you should. Yes, this contains all the new stats for the players and the control pad is still laid out in a reasonably simple fashion (although the button configuration on the PS2 is better than that of the X-Box version), but it still doesn't near the brilliance of Pro-Evolution 3. And with Pro-Evo 4 just a few months away... NP


Game Boy Advance Gimmicks aren't always a bad thing. Boktai has a particularly ingenious one - a sun sensor. As Django the boy-vampire killer, you must rid your world of the vampire hideousness to which it is in thrall.

This you do with the help of his sun gun, which is recharged by direct sunlight.

Your environment is also linked to real-time, so if it's time for you to go to bed, the undead will be restless. …

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