Newspaper article The Evening Standard (London, England)

Caroline Killer Tells of Night He Crept into Hostel for Sex Attack

Newspaper article The Evening Standard (London, England)

Caroline Killer Tells of Night He Crept into Hostel for Sex Attack

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DRIFTER Francisco Montes told a court today how he crept into the room where 13-year-old Caroline Dickinson was raped and murdered as classmates slept nearby.

Montes, 54, revealed for the first time: "I wanted to make a sexual assault.

I was aroused. I wanted to stroke her."

Watched by Caroline ' s parents and sister, he said he slipped into the dormitory at a youth hostel in Pleine-Fougeres one night in July 1996.

Caroline was in a sleeping bag on the floor so she could be in the same room as other pupils on a trip from Launceston College in Cornwall.

Montes, a Spanish waiter who had a flat in Earl's Court at the time of Caroline's death, is suspected of preying on girls in youth hostels for 30 years.

He told the court in Rennes that as his eyes got accustomed to the dark room he could see somebody asleep on the floor.

He added: "I went and lay down next to her. I realised it was a young girl.

"I was aroused and I didn't feel well. I wanted to do what I had done before so I placed my hand over her mouth."

He added: "I lifted up the covers and I wanted to stroke her."

Montes detailed a sexual act he committed. He said: " Afterwards I was still aroused. I think I started stroking her again and then I left." He said his memory was blurred because he had been drinking heavily. Montes added: "I don't know how or why I ended up in Pleine-Fougeres.

"I remember there was a fountain or water spout and I wanted a drink so I stopped in front of the door.

"I saw a house with a light on and I went in. I went to another room and it was very dark and I could not see anything but I realised there was somebody on the floor."

The court has heard that Caroline was suffocated by cotton wool wadding stuffed into her mouth to stifle her cries when she was raped. Montes admitted killing Caroline at an earlier hearing but insists it was not intentional and denies murder. He insists Caroline was still breathing when he left.

Cross examining Montes, Francois-Rene Aubry, prosecuting, demanded to know how he could possibly claim that he left Caroline alive. …

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