Newspaper article The Journal (Newcastle, England)

Visualising Your Colour Schemes in Best Light

Newspaper article The Journal (Newcastle, England)

Visualising Your Colour Schemes in Best Light

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Light and colour combined create the ultimate mood in any room design. Unfortunately, this is something that is often not considered until after a design and colour scheme has been decided. Yet, a good lighting plan can enhance and alter the colours in your scheme to create different atmospheres.

The intensity or shade of a colour can vary depending on the quality of the light it is seen in. Navy blue can often be mistaken as black under the halogen display lights of a shop. However, once outside in daylight the blueness is revealed.

Every colour scheme is enhanced by light. The strength of the colour will be determined by the quality of the daylight or the type of artificial light used.

Not only that, daylight changes in colour from season to season and even hour to hour. From the dull grey of overcast days to the bright blue of summer skies your colour scheme will alter.

In daylight yellow is the most instantly readable colour and is the brightest of all the primary colours. It glows with natural light and will infuse any room with sunshine ( creating a warm and inviting feel.

Alternatively, in low, natural light blue can become the predominant colour within a scheme, appearing more visible to the eye.

Artificial lighting can give the illusion of different colour tones. It has the power to make the same colour painted wall appear as different shades.

Understanding, and using, these tricks of light can give great visual colour contrasts.

Fluorescent light, often seen as tubes and commonly used in supermarkets, are high on blue tones and will make a red wall appear purple. However, there are now coloured tubes on the market, as well as special materials that can be used to wrap around the existing tubes, to create any colours you wish.

This can be a very inexpensive way to update and add drama to under-wall units in any kitchen. …

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