Newspaper article Evening Chronicle (Newcastle, England)

Why Do We Just Keep on Paying?

Newspaper article Evening Chronicle (Newcastle, England)

Why Do We Just Keep on Paying?

Article excerpt

Byline: By Steve Hughes

I was putting my bins to the gate the other day, and wondered how on earth we ever managed to get ourselves into this situation.

We pay council tax for domestic services, which presumably covers having our household waste removed, including the garden stuff that is part of our household.

However, my local authority charges to have my grass clippings taken away and then offers to sell them back to me in the form of compost.

Instead of a public outcry because we have already paid for the service, we meekly go along with it because that is the compliant British way.

The latest outrage is the scourge of the toll road, which is about to become the norm in a country where the combination of the road fund licence and fuel duty is the highest in Europe by a country mile. What is the point of having a road fund licence if it does not fund roads?

Without touching upon the subject of the rights or wrongs of recent events, ordinary folk in this country wonder how it is that we apparently lack the money to fund basic services, yet when it comes to war there is a bottomless pit.

Other countries have toll roads because that is how they fund their motoring, but we simply pay on top and we accept it.

That is not to say that we should do nothing about our impending gridlock because that is certainly what we are inexorably heading towards.

If the increase in the number of vehicles taking to our roads continues at the current rate we will simply grind to a halt. …

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