Newspaper article Evening Chronicle (Newcastle, England)

Poets' Corner

Newspaper article Evening Chronicle (Newcastle, England)

Poets' Corner

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Waste not and want not

When I throw anything out; I always find I need it

I once put something in the bin; then rushed out to retrieve it

I may be a compulsive hoarder; at least that's what I'm told

I'm reluctant to discard anything; even if it's old

I say I'm economical; I don't believe I hoard

Things may come in handy; balancing what I can afford

When cupboards are full and I run out of space

I find the item a new home ( a resting place

Waste not, want not is what I say

Don't throw useful things away

One man's junk is another man's treasure

What people call clutter may still give pleasure

Mend it! Paint it! Revitalise! Restore!

It could be what someone is looking for

Pass it on to friends; exchange as in swap

Have a car boot sale; give to a charity shop

Some may try an auction, raffle or tombola stall

Nearly-new prizes for a bingo call

We can recycle in so many ways

I will have a clear-out one of these days

But I know from clear-outs I've had in the past

When it comes to the crunch, things are difficult to cast

I look through my "hoard" ready to fill my big sack,

Tidy cupboards and drawers ( then put everything back


Fond farewell

THE day that I dread is finally here

The day has come that I will always fear.

Primary school has come to an end

And high school is just around the bend.

From three years to eleven I have learned a lot

I know my primary school days will never be forgot.

The teachers in school are like family to me

And that fact will always be.

I would like to thank you for all that you've done

Now that my high-school years have come.

So there is only one thing left to say

You all will be special in every way!

EMMA HILL, age 11.

The lavatory

WE lived in a pit house

With no bath or inside lav

When you wanted a wee

In the middle of the night

A potty we would have

And sometimes when

You're fast asleep

You'd miss and wet the floor

Go sliding on the lino

Right through the bedroom door

Or if you were brave enough

Go to the one outside

With a lighted paper as a torch

You'd be quick

In case it blew out

No toilet paper on a roll

Or fancy and posh decor

The News of the World

Cut up into bits

On a nail

At the back of the door

You'd whistle or sing

To let people know

That it's you who's in the loo

Just in case they thought it was safe

For them to use it too

And remember when it was frosty

Cistern all frozen up

A bucket of water you would take

Because it would not flush

And oh how I remember

The problems we did have

I don't think I will ever forget

That good old-fashioned lav. …

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