Newspaper article Evening Chronicle (Newcastle, England)

Two Deaths Yet Car Drivers Are Still Belting along Road

Newspaper article Evening Chronicle (Newcastle, England)

Two Deaths Yet Car Drivers Are Still Belting along Road

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Byline: By Adam Jupp

Scores of speeding drivers are still hurtling along a killer stretch of road which has claimed two lives, a Chronicle probe reveals today.

Harry Thompson, 74, and seven-year-old David Cameron both died under the wheels of cars on the deadly dual carriageway.

But despite their deaths, marked by flowers laid out in their memories, motorists are still breaking the speed limit.

In just 30 minutes we found 76 of them ( more than one every 30 seconds ( flouting the 40mph limit on Stamfordham Road in the Cowgate area of Newcastle.

Parked just yards from the collection of flowers laid in memory of David, we sat inside a marked police van as officers zapped every passing vehicle with a camera gun.

Some drivers were captured travelling as fast as 56mph as they approached the crossing where David, of Gishford Way, Blakelaw, was killed while playing with friends and relatives.

For our investigation we joined the Northumbria Safety Camera Partnership, which carries out speed checks on behalf of the police.

Project manager Ray King said: "Vehicles are coming off the roundabout and by the time they reach the crossing, some have reached speeds in excess of 50mph.

"At that speed I doubt very much if they could come to a stop if they saw the lights turning to red or a pedestrian crossing the road, especially in damp conditions like today.

"We have seen 76 people breaking the speed limit in just half an hour; to me that's 76 potential accidents or, worse still, deaths ( and that's with a bright police van parked on the side of the road. I dread to think what speed they'd be going at if we weren't here.

"The speeds they're travelling at are not accidental on their part. In fact, it's highly irresponsible. Just a few miles over the speed limit can mean the difference between life and death."

David's mother, Debbie, 34, welcomed our investigation and said she is not surprised at our findings.

"I knew it would be high," she said. …

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