Newspaper article The Journal (Newcastle, England)

Keeping Your Home Safe and Sound

Newspaper article The Journal (Newcastle, England)

Keeping Your Home Safe and Sound

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The holiday season is upon us and many people are heading off to the sunshine ( or perhaps the rain. But wherever they go, they'll have one thing in common ( they'll be leaving their homes unoccupied.

And empty homes are all too often an invitation to burglars. But a little time and trouble before you go can save a lot of heartache, so make sure your home is as secure as possible.

A burglar's three worst enemies are light, time and noise.

Look around your home and try to think as a burglar would think and think about the ways he could enter your home.

THE lighting around your home is important. Burglars like darkness and cover.

Many lights are available with motion detection that will automatically turn on when there is activity. If possible make access to the bulbs out of reach from ground level.

A BURGLAR alarm system with a siren mounted inside and outside the home is a valuable deterrent.

Often these alarms have devices that detect open doors, window and even glass being broken to make entry into the home. If it becomes too noisy, your burglar may well move on to a easier home.

THE longer it takes to get into your home, the better odds the burglar will go elsewhere.

This can be padlocks on the gates, locked doors, alarmed doors, window bars, window locks and the like. This can be as simple as a nail through the frame of a window so as to not allow the window to be opened.

Other safety measures

ALWAYS lock doors. A routine as you retire for the night should include a walk through to make sure doors are locked.

Exterior doors should be solid core or metal. The doors should be 1 3/4ins thick. The frame should be of high-quality material as well.

All exterior doors should have deadbolt locks. If your door has glass, the lock should be keyed from both sides. You can add security to the lock by replacing the screws in the striker plate with 2 1/2in wood screws. This adds security by reinforcing the striker in several thickness of wood. …

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