Newspaper article Evening Chronicle (Newcastle, England)

Street Life's a Dream

Newspaper article Evening Chronicle (Newcastle, England)

Street Life's a Dream

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I absolutely love playing a younger character ( being able to have massive strops, being really cocky and saying things to my parents that I'd never dream of saying in real life is such great fun," laughs Lucy-Jo Hudson.

Better known as Coronation Street's resident Lolita, 17-year-old Katy Nelson, things are hotting up again onscreen for Lucy-Jo.

The Street's feistiest teenager and ex-lover Martin Platt ( who at 36 is almost twice her age ( enjoy a steamy clinch in the ITV1 soap on Monday that would have her hot-headed father Tommy climbing the walls of the Rovers.

"It's only been a couple of months since Katy and Martin split but it feels like years to her," says the 21-year-old actress, pointing out that father-of-two Martin [Sean Wilson] is young Katy's first true love.

"When Katy kept everything quiet about Karl and Todd's relationship, she really did think she was doing the right thing ( but when she told Martin she knew all along, he hit the roof and thought he couldn't trust her and she was far too young for him."

Indeed, Katy's passionate relationship with her former best friend's father has certainly been a rocky one, not helped by the constant jibes from her concerned parents ( especially flame-haired Tommy Nelson [Thomas Craig].

"Katy has absolutely hated living back at home since Martin finished with her and she is baby-sitting one night for the Websters when Martin comes to the door looking for Kevin.

"They're both surprised to see each other and then Katy invites him in, playing it all coy, when really she just wants to jump on him," Lucy-Jo giggles. "They get on so well that Martin starts wondering why they're not still together and they end up sharing a kiss until a shocked Kevin and Sally walk in on them and they jump miles apart.

"It's Katy's first love and she's really young so she thinks the kiss suddenly makes everything fine between them but Martin isn't so sure at first," she says.

And she admits even she doesn't have a clue how long the Street's controversial love-birds will stay together this time.

But she does reveal that they are plotting a break abroad in August to get some well-deserved space away from the prying eyes of Katy's parents, although much to her disappointment, Lucy-Jo didn't actually get to board a plane to the sun in real life. …

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