Newspaper article The Florida Times Union

Slick Rick Solely Looks out for His Own Dreadlocks

Newspaper article The Florida Times Union

Slick Rick Solely Looks out for His Own Dreadlocks

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Byline: Mike Freeman, The Times-Union

One of the tales that sheds light on the true nature of Slick Rick Williams occurred in March of 2000.

The respected writer from Sports Illustrated, John Ed Bradley, wrote a profile of then-New Orleans running back Williams, in which Williams was quoted as criticizing former coach Mike Ditka, his Saints teammates, and made the suggestion that the franchise should be relocated because New Orleans was a city of losers.

Following its publication, Williams said he was unhappy with the article and blasted the writer. Then, somehow, mysteriously, Bradley's home phone number showed up on the Internet, along with a copy of the letter Bradley had written to the former agent for Williams asking for permission to interview the back. Both Williams and the agent denied publicizing Bradley's personal information.

Bradley said he received so many threatening and obscene phone calls after his number was put on the Internet that he had to change it. Bradley was quoted at the time saying that he has written articles about the Mafia, murderers, abortion-clinic bombers, celebrities and other sports stars but his dealings with Williams were "the most difficult, rude, insulting, [and] condescending" of his career.

Fast forward to now. The most stunning aspect of Sunday's Miami Herald article was not that Slick Rick had announced his retirement to a columnist before informing his teammates. Or that he showed a complete lack of class by walking out on the team just days before the start of training camp, leaving the Dolphins with a tuna sandwich at running back and a dead man walking as head coach.

No, none of that is surprising. Ol' Slickster always has one foot out the door when the going is about to get tough.

The surprising part is that he admitted to smoking marijuana, despite sending out his flaks all this time to lie and say he did not after three South Florida newspapers published stories earlier this year stating he had failed a second test for pot. …

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