Dark Ages Theory on Human Bones Find

Article excerpt

Byline: By Robert Brooks

Bones uncovered on a windswept Northumberland beach could be the remains of Dark Age Saxon Christians, according to the first tentative evidence gathered by archaeologists.

Two sets of human remains were left partially exposed by builders digging foundations in a shoreline garden on dunes at Low Hauxley, near Amble, on Monday last week.

Police were called in to cordon off what could have been a crime scene, but experts soon determined that the bones were at least 100 years old.

Since then there has been growing speculation over whether they are ancient Bronze Age remains, because of similar finds near the tiny coastal hamlet over recent years.

But now, following an examination by county archaeologist Chris Burgess, there is a suggestion they could, in fact, be Saxons from the early medieval period ( commonly referred to as the Dark Ages.

"The best guess we can make at the minute ( and it is just an educated guess ( is that this is an early Christian burial, possibly Saxon," said Chris. …


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