British Museum Shows Ancient Treasures to Aid Sudan Refugees

Article excerpt


A MAJOR British Museum exhibition of the ancient treasures of Sudan is to raise money for the country's estimated two million refugees.

The humanitarian catastrophe unfolding in Darfur is now so profound that an estimated one million people could die this year.

British Museum director Neil Mac-Gregor has long planned September's show, which will reveal the astonishing cultural wealth of a country with more pyramids than Egypt.

The museum was to have charged an admission fee but the exhibition, Sudan: Ancient Treasures, will now be free and all visitors will be asked to contribute to the aid efforts of Oxfam and Save the Children Fund.

Many of the objects on show, all of which are loans from the National Museum in Khartoum, have never been seen outside Sudan, the largest country in Africa.

Museum spokesman Joanna Mackle said: "The people of Sudan are facing a horrific human tragedy.

"We want to do everything we can in practical terms to help. If you want to understand Sudan now you need to By Luke Leitch Arts Reporter understand its past and its culture and this show will allow visitors to do that. …


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