Newspaper article The Journal (Newcastle, England)

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Newspaper article The Journal (Newcastle, England)

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Byline: By Robin Watkins

Why say no to water fluoridation? It's easier than you think when you know the truth about the chemicals used: the toxic by-products from the phosphate fertiliser industry known collectively as silicofluorides.

These are chemicals deemed safe to put in our drinking water but not safe to dump in the sea or air ( in fact it is illegal to do it.

The truth is these chemicals contain lead, mercury and arsenic, to name but a few and you don't need a PhD to know that these are poisons.

Yet the substance used is not naturally occurring and has never been safety tested or subject to clinical trials, yet we are all exposed to it in uncontrolled doses on a daily basis.

For years we have been told how fluoride is good for your teeth.

Where is the evidence?

A 50-year study in New York State, USA, showed there is no difference in tooth decay whether water is fluoridated or not.

In fact, too much fluoride causes mottling of teeth ( ie dental fluorosis.

The UK Government's own study found 48pc of children in Newcastle suffering from dental fluorosis and in cavalier fashion dismissed it as a cosmetic issue.

According to the Centers for Disease in the United States there is epidemiological evidence showing elevated bone cancer in young men relating only to the consumption of fluoride in drinking water.

In a statement by Dr J William Hirzy to the Fluoride Senate Testimony in the USA, June 29, 2000, he said that "fluoride exposure should use dental fluorosis as an index (marker) of fluoride over-exposure".

Fluoride has also been linked to bone fractures in young athletes, hyperactivity attention deficit disorder, early onset of puberty in young women, as well as having a powerful effect on the thyroid gland function, causing weight gain.

For over two years now I have been researching fluoridation and fighting the powers that be ( for example the water company and heath authority ( to stop them adding fluoride to my water. …

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