Newspaper article The Evening Standard (London, England)

New iMac's Wow Factor; TECH KNOW

Newspaper article The Evening Standard (London, England)

New iMac's Wow Factor; TECH KNOW

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IT'S been one of the technology world's greatest success stories - Apple's iPod is not only the bestlooking computer around, it's influenced the design of everything from toasters to hi-fi speakers. Now Apple has redesigned its iMac home computers, touting them as the ultimate iPod accessory.

They are, as you would expect, stunning.

The widescreen display is superb, and somehow Apple has shoehorned the entire computer into a two-inch thick box behind the screen. The iMac is extremely fast, rivalling the best PCs, it looks great and most will find it far easier to use than a PC. A wireless keyboard and mouse also banish the traditional mess of cables.

However, all this does not come cheap, for the iMac will sell for between [pounds sterling]919 and [pounds sterling]1,349, with 17- or 20-inch screen options. But it looks at home in any living room, and is fast enough to cope with anything you can throw at it.

Personally, I think it's one of the bestlooking and most user-friendly machines on the market. The iMac can be ordered online at

Glowing report for Philips

PLASMA-screen TVs are facing stiff competition from the more expensive LCD versions that promise a much better picture. Philips snappily named 32PF9968 is one of the newest LCD screens on the market, and bizarrely claims to unite the worlds of TV and lighting.

Two lights at the back of the screen create a glow that can either be used as mood lighting, or set to reflect colours on screen which, Philips claims, reduces eye discomfort.

The TV itself is very good looking, with sleek lines. Speakers are integrated into the black surround, and are certainly loud enough for most uses. Ironically, display is actually too good at times. If you are watching an old or badly-made film, the screen will show up flaws, which can be very distracting. …

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