Newspaper article The Florida Times Union

IRAQ; Avoid Mistakes

Newspaper article The Florida Times Union

IRAQ; Avoid Mistakes

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As in every war ever fought, mistakes have been made during the war in Iraq. Two stand out: 1. Starting the attack on Fallujah. 2. Stopping the attack on Fallujah.

Marine commanders on the ground warned that it would only agitate Iraqis to begin the attack on what is a terrorist stronghold . Better to let Iraqis handle it, however ineffective they might be, so it would not smack of revenge for the slaying and mutilation of four contractors.

However, once ordered in, the Marines did the job, as usual. They had the nest of snakes backed up to the Euphrates River and might have finished them off in a week.

Then the brains in Washington decided to stop the attack.

This, once again, could only bolster the terrorists' conviction that Americans are weak and indecisive.

One reason the United States is having to pay the price it is paying is that, after the Gulf War, the United States urged Iraqis to rise up in revolt against Saddam Hussein. Some did, believing they would get U. …

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