Newspaper article The Evening Standard (London, England)

Blind Date; Every Week We Give a Singleton the Chance to Pick a Date and Then Send the Couple out. Then We Invite Them Back to Tell Us How They Got On

Newspaper article The Evening Standard (London, England)

Blind Date; Every Week We Give a Singleton the Chance to Pick a Date and Then Send the Couple out. Then We Invite Them Back to Tell Us How They Got On

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Liz, 27, a teacher from Stoke Newington

Star sign: Virgo

I absolutely love my job. I teach media studies at a sixth-form college and find it interesting and fun. I've been in fits of laughter before now. It's rewarding, too. I love getting to know the students, and when they do well I'm really proud of them.

Don't get me wrong, it's hard work and stressful, and I'll never earn enough to buy a house in London, but I wouldn't change it.

I live in Stoke Newington with my friend Bruna. The flat is a lovely Victorian conversion that belongs to her. My road stretches between Stoke Newington, which is quite trendy, and Hackney, which is cheap and cheerful.

I once asked my best friend to describe me. She said I was friendly, outgoing and willing to try new things. I think this is probably even truer these days - teaching gives you confidence.

I love meeting new people and trying new places. People would probably also describe me as bossy, but in a good way, I hope.

I'm taking part in Blind Date because, as I said, I'm up for anything. My ideal date would be with someone down to earth who doesn't take himself too seriously or try too hard. We'd meet in a pub, have a few drinks, then go on to a late bar to chat.

I love clubbing, so that would be a possibility, too.

Hopefully it won't be as bad as one date I had. I met a guy in a nightclub when I lived in Manchester. We met up again and it was awful. He had nothing to say for himself and did a sort of Beavis And Butthead laugh at everything I said. You can imagine the awkward silences. I felt it was rude just to go home, so I decided to get drunk to make it more bearable. The funniest thing was that he sent me a text two days later saying he'd really enjoyed himself and that we should do it again.

this week"s candidates

John, 26

Star sign: Capricorn.

Lives: I share a house in


Job: Designer and creative.

Salary: If you care about my

wallet, I"m unlikely to care

about you.

Car: In Canada, a "66 Jaguar E-Type.

In London, public transport and pedal

power are preferable.

Interests: Art, sport and travel.

Favourite film: Gladiatoror

The Thomas Crown Affair.

Book: Anything by Michael Moore.

Song: U2"s "With Or

Without You".

Personal style: Combats

and T-shirt.

Vices: I adore a drink. And

I have the strangest thing

for Bombay mix.

Dating history: Having come

from Canada I find that

women here are quite reserved

and surprised when a man acts in

a gentlemanly manner.

Ideal partner: She would be

independent and intelligent. It would be

a bonus if she was sporty and cared

about her appearance.

Kevin, 27

Star sign: Taurus.

Lives: Angel.

Job: Sales executive.

Salary: Enough to pay

the bills and have a

good time.

Car: No car yet, I"m saving for a


Interests: Movies, music, DJing,

dancing, the gym, having fun,

meeting people.

Favourite film: Invasion Of The Body

Snatchers(the 1978 version).

Book: To Kill A Mockingbirdby Harper

Lee. They don"t write them like

that any more.

Song: "California Soul" by

Marlena Shaw.

Personal style: Lenny

Kravitz meets Jay Kay.

Vices: Can be stubborn and

too talkative.

Dating history: Two previous

long-term relationships.

Ideal partner: Someone friendly and

outgoing who knows how to enjoy

everything that life has to offer. The

kind of girl who"s equally happy to go

out to a few bars or have a cosy night

on the sofa with a bottle of red wine. …

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