Newspaper article The Journal (Newcastle, England)

Fashion Almost a Religion

Newspaper article The Journal (Newcastle, England)

Fashion Almost a Religion

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Byline: By Minda Thompson

Why not give your old woolly to a tramp? Minda Thompson assesses the style advice of Trinny Woodall and Susannah Constantine.

In the big glossy book coinciding with their new BBC series, bossy style pundits Trinny and Susannah take a good look at themselves rather than picking on other people.

The book, with its silver cover and magazine-style lay-out ( lots of big words and white spaces ( imparts useful information about make-up, bras and suchlike in typical straight-talking style.

There are plenty of not-so-flattering images of the pair which at least suggests they are prepared to swallow a large dose of their own medicine.

In the introduction they explain who they intend to help with this book ( new mothers who have turned frumpy, single women looking for a bloke, women in midlife crisis, women going through the menopause and women who are competing with their young, attractive daughters.

"In the case of the frump," they advise, "she had to rid herself of her dowdy self-image to realise that there was an attractive woman burning as an ember within her belly core".

It doesn't do to ignore the burning in your belly core!

Typically, the duo recommend ridding your wardrobe of all things that aren't useful. This is if you want to look your best, which is the way the pair seem to want us to look all the time. There's little room here for vegging on the sofa or popping down to the shops in your favourite comfy clothes. God help us if someone should see us in a tracksuit or tatty jeans and a woolly jumper.

Their comments on holey jumpers show this clearly. "The culling candidates are numerous," they declare. "And also the hardest because a jersey is warm even if it is peppered with moth holes. But it will be better given to a needy vagrant who can keep out the cold without worrying about how it looks. …

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