Newspaper article The Florida Times Union

Gators' Heat on Foley Is Misplaced

Newspaper article The Florida Times Union

Gators' Heat on Foley Is Misplaced

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Byline: Mike Freeman, The Times-Union

It has been some time since a group of college football players has verbally smacked a university educator upside the noggin the way Florida players abused Jeremy Foley this week.

They treated Foley like he was the guy who hand-washes their jock straps, not the school's athletic director.

From the way some players described a team meeting called by Foley to announce that Ron Zook was canned, Foley all but needed a police escort out of the building. One player actually said that things got so heated "there's no telling what might've happened" had the gathering continued longer.

What does that mean exactly? Were the players planning to bum-rush Foley and tie him to a goal post?

"There are guys that want to transfer... they're sick of some of the decisions made upstairs by you-know-who..." safety Jarvis Herring said.


Did I miss the news conference that announced a junior safety was now running Florida's athletic program?

And could University President Herring and the other griping players please explain where was this passion for Zook, this desire to get his back, when they were being spanked by Mississippi State?

The comments and actions of Gator players were among the most disrespectful I have ever heard come from the mouths of college athletes when speaking of a university administrator.

Loyalty is an outstanding personal trait, and the players have displayed it to their coach in proper amounts. We also want our college athletes to be independent thinkers and opinionated, particularly since they are indentured servants in an abusive NCAA system that one day soon they themselves will hopefully overturn.

Yet the line between analysis and anarchy is a thin one, and the Gators crossed it, disrespecting Foley in a manner that was conduct unbecoming. …

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