Newspaper article Evening Chronicle (Newcastle, England)

Confessions of a Petrol Pump Attendant

Newspaper article Evening Chronicle (Newcastle, England)

Confessions of a Petrol Pump Attendant

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Byline: By Lisa Marshall

I first noticed the advert for part-time vacancies at the petrol station a couple of months ago. Back then, it never occurred to me that I'd be in the position I'm in now.

It's been five weeks since I left my husband and moved back home with my parents. Now, I'm faced with the astounding house prices and I need a second income in order to even think about affording a place of my own.

My husband's obsession with the Waterloo Pub and Stella Artois has a lot to answer for.

I hold him entirely responsible for the fact that three times a week I'm reduced to wearing an oversized red jumper, court shoes and an A-line skirt that, in my Mother's opinion, "makes you look like you've just emerged from Prisoner Cell Block H".

I turn up for my first shift at the garage to be presented with a big badge: 'LISA - TRAINEE'. I try to keep the mortified look from my face as I pin it to my jumper. It'll be OK, I thought. No one I know will come ina.

I press the authorise button to release fuel for a guy on the forecourt. Please tell me I'm seeing thingsa He's an ex-boyfriend from years back. God, I want to die.

He smirked as he handed over his credit card to pay for his fuel. "Have you just started working here?" he asked. I glanced down to my big 'TRAINEE' badge and smiled a smile that virtually said "Are you taking the Mick?"

Panic then struck me that he would think that this was my full-time job and I had amounted to nothing. "You know how it is,"

I laugheda desperately trying to think of something to say that would portray me as business woman of the yeara but I couldn'ta and I was thinking so hard that I looked as if I was in pain.

"So," he said, breaking the silence. "Where are you living now?" he asked. Why oh why I didn't have the good sense to lie and say "in a Quayside penthouse", instead of: "Errra I've just moved back to my parents".

I'm sure I saw a look of pity on his face as he drove off in his Audi TT.

Tonight I have Veronica (the assistant manageress) on hand to help with any queries. I'm taking over from Jane. …

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