Newspaper article The Florida Times Union

There Are Some Good Reasons for Parents to Run in River Run

Newspaper article The Florida Times Union

There Are Some Good Reasons for Parents to Run in River Run

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Byline: Bill Longenecker, Shorelines columnist

Corrections and Additions Edition for the fall of 2004. That's my formal title anyway.

The Gate River Run will be March 12, not March 5. That was my mistake, but it does give first-timers one more week of preparation. For many years, I have offered first-timers advice similar to my column of Nov. 3. In about 20 years, I have not heard from anyone who actually followed such advice. This advice is given for two reasons based on hope.

Hope Reason No. 1: A reader impressed with the magnificence of the event might want to become part of it.

Hope Reason No. 2: Sedentary parents might want to be a good example for their current or future children. It is my radical dream that those who choose to become parents will strive to be shining examples for their own children. Such parents should choose not to smoke, drink in excess or use recreational drugs, and they should choose to be physically fit by choosing lifelong, exciting activities. That's not too much to hope for.

More radical than that is the belief that all adults can play with their own children. Being physically fit means being able to learn ways to play with the child like surfing, biking, even golf (on foot, not by cart) and tennis. Parents should play with children on a kind of "equal" level where fun is the goal and a nice level of fitness emerges.

Yet another constellation has been "discovered" and named during a pre-dawn swim. Two years ago, the discovery of Galen/Louise, the Giraffe was found in the southern pre-dawn sky.

The Big Bent Stick stretches "hundreds of feet" across the eastern sky, ending in the "head" star of the Galen/Louise, named for my parents. It is six stars long and sits in mid-sky in the east near the show currently being presented by the planets Venus and Jupiter. Both bright planets seem to leapfrog over and around each other at this time.

OK, it is a very pretentious act on my part. But those early morning swims give me a lot of time to "see things." Readers who identify their own constellations are invited to share them with me or get their own column.

I did not vote for the height amendment in Neptune Beach! …

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