Newspaper article The Florida Times Union

Turkey Day Tips for the Kitchen-Shy

Newspaper article The Florida Times Union

Turkey Day Tips for the Kitchen-Shy

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Byline: Dan Macdonald, Times-Union food editor

The trouble with Thanksgiving is that it is a holiday that asks people who ordinarily don't cook to prepare a feast. Come on, how fair is that?

The Pilgrims had it easy. They were about a half-an-evolution ary step ahead of cavemen. They spent most of the day thinking about that night's supper. Thanksgiving was just another meal. It was part of their routine.

Modern Americans can operate three remotes to control the cable, program the VCR and operate the DVD player. But present them with a chef's knife and fork, and they don't have the slightest idea how to carve a turkey.

So I have a few bits of advice for kitchen novices as you prepare to prepare this feast.

-- Buy early. You are most likely going to get a frozen turkey. It needs to thaw in the refrigerator. Step 1: Clear out a space for the turkey to sit on a shallow baking tray or pan (to collect juices). Step 2: Buy the turkey, either Monday after work or Tuesday morning. Give the turkey plenty of time to slowly thaw. This procedure helps ensure a moist turkey. If you're brining (see below), then you'll want to have the turkey no later than Sunday night.

-- Turkeys are just big chickens. This advice would mean more if you had ever roasted a chicken, but I doubt a lot of that has been going on in your kitchen lately either. When you consider that there should be about 1 pound of turkey for each person at the table (this accounts for bone and leftovers), some people are buying 20- to 24-pound birds.

This can present problems. It takes forever to cook those monsters. The longer the turkey is in the oven, the greater the chance it will dry out. Instead, buy two 10- or 12-pound turkeys, which are much more manageable and don't need to cook as long.

-- Brining is the one guarantee you'll have for producing a moist turkey. …

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