Newspaper article The Journal (Newcastle, England)


Newspaper article The Journal (Newcastle, England)


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St Boswell

January 10

John Swan Ltd sold 254 Cattle including 15 bulls and 77 bullocks. Ave 117.1ppkg +2.4, top 133p.

Huntington 162 heifers ave 117ppkg. +2.1 top 135p. Mosstower, Bee Edge 15 young bulls ave 113ppkg +13.5 top 119p. Lauder West Mains h/w bks pounds 871 Bee Edge.

Principal Prices: Bee Edge 134p to Woodhead Bros; Huntington 133p to M/s Gilmour & Co; Wester Ulston 130p to Woodhead Bros; Byres 129p to M/s Waters & Sons; Burnshot 129p to Woodhead Bros; Bee Edge 127.5p to Woodhead Bros; Herdmanston Mains 126p to M/s Malone; St Foin 126p to M/s Cropper; Whitrigg 125p to M/s Forsyth & Sons; Bee Edge 125p to M/s Cropper; Broomdykes 124p to Woodhead Bros; Whitriggs 124p to M/s Liddle; Eccles Bankhead 123.5p to M/s Cropper; Bee Edge 123p to M/s Cropper; Saughland 123p to M/s Forsyth & Sons.

John Swan Ltd sold 4,035 Sheep comprising 2810 hoggs and 1,225 cast ewes and rams. Hoggs were a smaller show with all classes substantially dearer to average 117.8ppkg overall.

Cast ewes and rams slightly easier on the week. Hoggs sold to pounds 64.80 for 4 Tex Xs scaling 54kg from Sharplaw, H and 130pkg for 33 Tex Xs weighing 40kg from Sharplaw, H.

Hoggs (per head) Suff X: pounds 58.80 Greenriggs; pounds 58 Eastertoun; pounds 57 Greenhead,R; pounds 55.80 Hartside, Brogan; pounds 55 Halkburn, Nethertofts, Cockburn. Tex X: pounds 64.80 Sharplaw, H; pounds 59.50 Kirkton, Hwk; pounds 56 Lower Ashtrees; pounds 54.80 Croftgibb; pounds 54 Hartside. Char X: pounds 54.80 Whitrighill; pounds 54 Tynehead; pounds 52.80 Hundalee; pounds 51.50 Halkburn. B/face: pounds 50 Bankend; pounds 49 Roxburgh Mill; pounds 47 Burnhouse Mains.

GF/Mule: pounds 53 Hartside; pounds 51.50 Bogend; pounds 50.80 Edston; pounds 50 Towford. Belt X pounds 55.80 Hartside. Lleyn X pounds 51.20 Brotherstone.

B/face L: pounds 52 Sharplaw; pounds 51 Bogend. …

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