The BB House Is like an Old People's Home Says Greer (Who Is 65); GERMAINE, WHO HAS WALKED OUT, TELLS WHY SHE TOOK PART IN TV REALITY SHOW

Article excerpt


GERMAINE GREER has likened her time in the Celebrity Big Brother household to life in an old people's home.

The distinguished academic, who walked out of the Channel 4 reality show after four and a half days, explained why she decided to take part in the programme she had famously derided.

Her commitment to an environmental project - rehabilitating a piece of land she owns in Australia - made her take part in an experience she once branded "about as dignified as looking through the keyhole of your teenage child's bedroom door".

She explained: "If something were to happen to me, the project would collapse in a matter of days. Accepting the Celebrity Big Brother challenge has earned me a lump of cash that will be the rainforest cushion."

Leaving the show lost her the chance of adding the [pounds sterling]50,000 winner's prize to the project's funding. But she said: "I don't need the money badly enough, the rainforest will be fine - I'll save it in other ways."

The 65-year-old feminist icon also revealed a more subconscious reason for taking part in the programme. She said: "In my deepest of hearts, in the dead of the night, I discover another reason for betaking myself to the Big Brother house. For a few days at least, I have been living something like the life my mother leads in a nursing home in Victoria. She too believes that in a few days she will be going back to her own house. …


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