Newspaper article The Journal (Newcastle, England)

Willy Poole Column

Newspaper article The Journal (Newcastle, England)

Willy Poole Column

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Byline: By Willy Poole

The regular reader of this column (Hello, Mum) will have some idea as to my opinion of political correctness.

But we have to face the facts of life as they are today and the fact is that PC is fast becoming the official, state sponsored, religion of this country.

The fact that it is replacing the Church of England and Christianity should come as no surprise to those who have observed the "change and decay" of those time honoured pillars of the state and realm, both of which are crumbling into decay and collapse.

For those of you who listened to, or read, the Queen's Speech at the recent opening of Parliament will have noticed the obvious stench of decay that rose from the awful rubbish foisted on Her Majesty by Her "Loyal" Government.

Her Majesty is nobody's fool, but is far too well trained and constitutionally disciplined to have allowed the slightest trace of her personal feelings to show, as she read out this screed of garbage.

What this says about the present government and its attitude to the monarchy is something that we may discuss in due course.

Political correctness is a stark and ghastly piece of modern social engineering that affects all our lives.

It is like those featureless blocks of modern buildings which now afflict all our towns and which, one hopes, are destined either to collapse or be pulled down, in a more enlightened time to come. However, it is here and as it is here, we had best make the best of it.

I think that it should be celebrated and greeted with some sort of recognition and should have its own official day ( after all we have May Day, Commonwealth Day (I challenge you to tell me when that is and no peeking in your diary) and Remembrance Sunday.

We should also have a PC Day with the Union Jack flown (upside down) on all public buildings and Mr Blair giving a public display of playing "air guitar" in Trafalgar Square. But first I think that we should explore the origins of PC. Most people think that PC came from the USA ( along with drinks that rot your teeth and double "obesity burgers".

The "Cousins" have certainly been enthusiastic disciples and evangelists of PC, but they did not actually invent the phrase. …

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