Newspaper article The Evening Standard (London, England)


Newspaper article The Evening Standard (London, England)


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Project Zero II: Crimson Butterfly - The Director's Cut Xbox .....

Lest you play this singularly unsettling horror puzzler during the day and in company, the chances are you won't get to the end of it.

Unlike other instances of the survival horror genre such as Silent Hill or Resident Evil, which both set up a spooky atmosphere but fail to sustain it, this creepy little number barely lets up.

Whispering voices, eerie noises and things spied from the corner of your eye all conspire to make the solitary gamer turn the console off and the lights on. Its success is largely thanks to a narrative that is far more sophisticated than we are generally allowed to expect. Two thoroughly weird sisters (twins, one with sixth sense) come across an abandoned village in the middle of a dark Japanese forest. The girls explore and uncover the secrets of the place equipped with just a camera with which they capture ghouls and ghosts by taking pictures of them.

It won't please those looking for a spot of zombie bashing, as the fantastically scary story builds the tension using things that you don't quite see, rather than what you can.

Although it plays a touch repetitively, if you've got nerves of steel, you might even enjoy it. SALLY CHATTERTON


This little doozy is a top-notch peripheral. It looks wonderful, with graceful curves combined with a practical sturdiness, with a volume control discreetly out of sight.

The sound quality is crisp and static-free, generated from the 2.4 GHz radio frequency, while a charged headset will give you at least six solid hours. All that and it works as far away as 30ft. Minus points? There's only one really, and that's that this will set you back 70 smackers.

But if you've got the cash, it's a great investment.


OUTLAW GOLF 2 PlayStation 2 .....

The charms of golf elude me. And why anyone would want to play a videogame version is yet more baffling.

This sorry version is capitalising on the one pretty lame joke that the first iteration set up - that the players are deviant rednecks and bawdy dominatrices who reside in trailers, hurl abuse at each other and totter around in inappropriate dress. …

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