Violent Crime Bucks the Trend

Article excerpt

THE FALL in crime shown by today's police figures must be welcomed - but it is by no means the full picture.

Nationally, violent crime recorded by the police in the third quarter of 2004 rose by six per cent, and whatever the changes in recording practices involved, there can be no doubt that it is crimes of this kind that people dread most. In the last annual figures for the capital, violent crime was shown to have risen by 37 per cent on the previous year. The fall in crime generally is substantially accounted for by improvements in home security and car locks and immobilisers. Increasing prosperity and technological change also means that it is getting harder to sell stolen VCRs and hi-fis. All these are benign trends - but the Government can claim very little credit for them.

Indeed, if orthodox theories that crime is the result of unemployment and poverty were true, we might expect still sharper falls in the statistics.

Instead, violent crime is moving in the opposite direction. …


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