Newspaper article The Florida Times Union

A Presidential Trivia Test

Newspaper article The Florida Times Union

A Presidential Trivia Test

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Byline: Roger Bull, The Times-Union

President Bush will be inaugurated for his second term tomorrow in Washington. It's a special occasion, part of the enduring democracy in the United States. Mark this occasion by testing your knowledge about the 42 men who have occupied the office of president of the United States.

Roger Bull/The Times-Union

1. Who was the first president:

a. Born in a hospital?

b. To leave the continental United States while in office?

c. To throw out the first baseball of the major league season?

d. To have a Christmas tree in the White House?

e. To be inaugurated in Washington?

2. Who was the only president to:

a. Have been divorced?

b. Play football against Jim Thorpe?

c. Have been a Rhodes Scholar?

d. Never marry?

e. Be a prisoner of war?

3. Name the four ex-presidents that have state capitals named after them.

4. Who were the tallest and shortest presidents?

5. Which president's middle name was only an initial?

6. Name the four presidents assassinated in office.

7. Name the six presidents who survived assassination attempts.

8. Who was the youngest man elected president?

9. And the oldest?

10. Match the president with his house:

a. Monticello

b. Sherwood Forest

c. Mount Vernon

d. Rancho del Cielo

e. The Hermitage

1. Andrew Jackson

2. Ronald Reagan

3. Thomas Jefferson

4. John Tyler

5. George Washington

11. Whose inauguration was the first to be televised?

12. Who was president when the first telephone was installed in the White House?

13. Match the president with his campaign slogan:

a. Tippicanoe and Tyler too

b. A chicken in every pot and a car in every garage

c. Return to normalcy

d. It's morning again in America

14. Who was the first president born a U.S. citizen?

15. Who gave the shortest and longest inaugural addresses? …

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