Newspaper article Evening Chronicle (Newcastle, England)

Our MPs Waste the Most Money

Newspaper article Evening Chronicle (Newcastle, England)

Our MPs Waste the Most Money

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I was interested to see one MP has brought to the notice of Parliament the amount of taxpayers' money spent by Prince Andrew, to pay for flights to Dublin and Edinburgh so he could play golf.

The cost of the helicopter flights was pounds 4,000 ( a large amount just to go and play golf. Prince Andrew was labelled An Expensive Royal, which was most unfair.

These MPs should take a look at themselves with their massive expenses, they swan off abroad on so-called fact finding missions at taxpayers' expense, they waste millions of our money, so they are in no position to criticise Prince Andrew or any of the Royals.

It is just blatant hypocrisy on their part, they should put their own house in order before they start criticising other people about spending taxpayers' money.

NICHOL WILSON, College Road, Hebburn.

Penalising the pensioners

IN THE last few days Labour and the Tories have talked about immigration, both legal and illegal.

I believe there is a good argument that we need young people to come and work and pay taxes in this country, as we have such an ageing population making demands on our medical and social services. This being the case why does this Government and the previous Tory Government operate a system that deters those who are on the state retirement pension from going to live in Commonwealth countries such as Canada and Australia.

The deterrent is that their pensions are frozen and no more rises are given. This has to be indefensible and immoral as pensioners leaving to live in other countries do get pension rises as they would had they stayed in this country. I wonder if the Liberal Democrats have a policy on this one?

BRYAN HENDERSON, York Road, Birtley.

Stand up for Britain's rights

IN REPLY to the letter English need a Parliament, Chronicle January 26, the unarguable fact is, what Britain, our country, needs is a Government that stands up for Britain.

A Government which will cease surrendering British rights to Brussels. For example, this apology for a Government signed an agreement which surrendered our control of asylum to Brussels, that was in march last year so our English Parliament is powerless on this matter. Brussels is in full control, what does that tell us?

It tells us that our country, Britain, is being betrayed by our elected Government. The newspapers are full of reports almost daily, pointing out the terrible damage that is being done to British sovereignty and independence as a free nation. The document setting out the rules, laws and regulations which form the basis of the European constitution calls for complete surrender of national identity, surrender of all national laws (which will be replaced by European Community laws), surrender of control over taxes, these are facts that I write, signing up to the cursed European Constitution would destroy Britain, our country would simply be a region of Europe, ruled and controlled by Brussels.

ERNEST WATSON, Bradwell Road, Park View Court, North Kenton, Newcastle.

The last ones to aid region

YOU recently printed an attack on the miners by Prime Minister Tony Mr Blair, praising those who backed pit closures. …

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